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Why and who would be interested?


While technological advancement has seen radical changes in the hiring processes, background verification check (BVC) still remains outdated. The SuperStarLink ecosystem aims to bridge this gap through decentralised credentials verification for background checks with only a few clicks.


SuperStarLink’s credential score builder, digitally verified credentials and peer reviewed Smart CV's will connect an individual to an employee of his/her choice. We travel with your journey to get you the right fit.


The SuperStarLink ecosystem allows Institutions to issue digitally signed/verified certificates in the decentralised platform while still maintaining the confidentiality and reliability of the information.


Each stage will have our events set for contributors to the community benefit through airdrops of tokens. None of these SST will be sold, we are looking at airdrops only through events and media campaigns. Donations will be taken for development in exchange for tokens but there will be no ICO as this is not an investment.

2017 Q3


2017 Q4

Token generation & Airdrops

2018 Q1

Company formation

2018 Q2

Website revamp and rebranding

2018 Q3

Product prototype

2018 Q3

Testnet (Alpha/Beta)

2018 Q4

Partner integration

2019 Q1

Mainnet with a few selected individuals

2019 Q2

Product launch

Token Metrics

SuperStarLink will introduce SuperStarToken(SST); an utility token. SST sent for data request will be used to incentivise participants in the ecosystem for settlement of transactions. Allocation of SST from data requestors is apportioned across nodes participating in the consensus for the transaction in the block. SuperStarToken(SST) will be an ERC20 standard utility token and will be swapped for SuperStarLink native tokens at a 1:1 ratio once mainnet is ready .

SST Contract - 0x4257D36dF231DC71F7B7a6E1bE3Ef9C99B9181fD Total Supply - 1,000,000,000

15% Community airdrops
20% Developers
40% Partners
15% Reserves
10% Founders

SuperStarToken(SST) can be stored in any ERC20 compatible wallets